Today I am in the house cleaning away. My home is currently in shambles and it needs some rescuing. It’s funny, I am not the most organized of people but I have this dream of being a June Cleaver prototype (who dosn’t wish to be June?!). I want my home to be spotless, while I bake tons of amazingly beautiful sugary confections and cook healthy dinners from scratch and look beautiful while doing all of this.

I have been working really hard at achieving this goal but it’s not been an easy  one to achieve. Like I previously stated, I’m not the most organized or clean person. I just was not born with that ability. But, I do believe that anyone can learn to do anything as long as they want it and work for it. So, I spend hours surfing the net for blogs and sites to do with home management, cleaning and organizing. I type in searches such as “home economics”, “cleaning”, “home management” and “organizing” and have a wonderful time absorbing all the information that pops up. I’ve created my own ‘household binder’ or (Control Journal for all of you Flybabies!) and I love to utilize it daily. It houses printouts of all of my routines, cleaning lists, calendar, Master to-do list ect… Here is a picture of what my own home binder looks like:

Household Binder

Household Binder

It’s housed in one of Flylady’s ‘Office in a Bags’. It was a little somethin’ that I purchased to spoil myself. It’s pretty expensive though and it is possible to find almost the same product else where if you are interested in making your own.

Inside of the 'control journal'

Inside of the 'control journal'

It’s made of this wonderful material that withstands the worst of treatment. Inside is full of pockets and a place to slip your three ring binder in too. I also keep a file folder tucked into the ‘binder pocket’ that is full of notes, ideas, and lists so that if I bring it to the office with me I can work on organizing all the slips of paper on my lunch hour. I also keep stickers tucked away in the binder pocket. I use them to reward myself for doing a good job. Right now, I’m starting off small and I get a sticker on my calendar if I complete Kelley’s daily mission on Flylady’s site.



Here is a close up of the inside pockets of my Control Journal. It keeps all of my dry erase markers, highlighters and pens corralled as well as my calculator, and a notebook in which I jot down all of the random ideas and thoughts that float around in my head . It also has a zippered pocket that keeps all the loose tid-bits like stamps, paper clips, extra pens ect…

Index Page

Index Page

Here is a shot of my index page. I cut the edges of some sheet protectors then three hole punched it after I placed my pages inside it. That way, the pages and the numbered tabs actually fit inside the binder with out overlapping the edges. I used my label maker to print up neat and tidy looking labels for each section. It took me a long while to find out which sections I wanted and would actually use. I love it now.

This binder helps me out immensely! Sometimes, I take too much time organizing it and it cuts into my daily routines. However, it also serves as a motivation to keep me going. In the future posts I’m going to go thru each section of my home binder and explain how I created it, how it helps, and how you can create your own! It’s such a simple thing to make but the benefits are numerous.


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