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All of the various tools needed to paint, draw or create never fail to inspire me! This is my heaven.



Last week I finished my first college class and started in on my second one! Perspective was not too bad and now I am jumping into the Fundamentals of Drawing. So far so good… I have had to aquire a lot of new art materials for school and I find myself constantly inspired by them all! I love drawing and have even started keeping a sketchbook/journal. So far my talent with pencil drawings is very basic but I hope to get much better soon! I feel that drawing is a learned ability and not some inherent talent that one is born with.

So, for the next few months I am sure that this blog is going to be mainly about my forays into the art world and my trials and errors on becoming a ‘professional artist’.



Tonight I am looking for the perfect location to hang my new painting…

Monkey Painting

Monkey Painting

I bought it as a joke to replace the painting my mother currently has over her fireplace. We all thought it was hilarious… What a big change from the wooded scene she originally had up. But she decided that she didn’t want it there permenantly and gracously let me keep it all for my self. I love the painting but unfortunatly it dosn’t quite fit my decor either so I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put it.

Sock Knitting

Today I have started to knit my very first pair of socks. I’m not sure how they will turn out but I hope for the best! My mother bought me some beautiful Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in this beautiful salmon, brown and dusty rose color. I don’t think it’s self striping yarn but it is variegated. I also got some size 2 Crystal Palace Bamboo DPNs. This will also be my first endeavor with double points. We shall see how it goes… Wish me luck!

Self portrait links

As promised, here are a few links that I found helpful…

1. Digital Photography School – Self Portrait photography tips – this isn’t necessarily a tutorial, just a bunch of really helpful tips. Does not really include the actual camera set-up, mainily about posing and reading yourself, creating the mood ect…

2. Memory Makers – Pose like a pro – A great scrapbooking site that has wonderful basic photography articles. This one is about posing in pictures. It has a great tip on how to rid yourself of that dreaded double chin and even how to visually slim your thighs.

3. Camera Labs – Self Portrait tips – This article is focused on DSLR’s but I find that most of the tips can also be used for a simple point and shoot as they usually include a manual function and some even let you change the shutter speed and aperture.

Well, I’m ready to call it a night so thats all for now. Hopefully, I’ll have a few more ideas tomorrow as well as a few ‘practice shoots’. ha.

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