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Feng Shui

This weekend I have been working on de-cluttering and spiffing up my bedroom. According to Feng Shui some of the best colors to use in your bedroom are ‘skin’ tones so I went out and bought some new sheets and a wonderful comforter. For a better nights sleep the space under your bed is to be completely cleared out… The under of my bed is HORRIBLE.

I plan on winning the lotto by the end of next month so, this weekend has been spent trying to up the ‘chi’ in my bedroom by clearing out and tossing the clutter… I figure I’m going to need all the chi I can get. Joking. My sudden interest in Feng Shui was inspired by my recent attempts to get ‘organized’. I needed a quick motivation boost so I went searching on the internet and came across several recommendations for the book ‘Clear your clutter with Feng Shui’. As it turns out, my home isn’t ideal for any feng shui practitioner so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make  a few changes.

Here is a copy of my small list of ‘bedroom changes’ to do this weekend:

1. Buy an air purifier – I found one really cheap at a pawn shop.

2. Clean out under the bed

3. Hang up the two big paintings I got for my birthday

4. Dust all books and bookshelves

5. Set out new candles

6. Switch out sheets

7. Toss old, worn, ill-fitting and unused clothing

8. Get rid of all the junk…

Well, thats it for now. So far, I’ve tossed out three full bags of old paperwork, worn clothing and trash items and I’ve gathered two boxes of items to donate to the Salvation Army. Woo hoo! Go me! After this I think I’m going to hunker down with a nice cup of hot tea and a book or a pen and sketch pad… It’ll be my reward for all this work… Until next time!


Goal Setting

Earlier today I was thinking about my goals and how I needed to revisit them, revise them and work out a working plan for them. So, I pulled out all of my old notes from the begining of 2009 and I was pleasently surprised to learn that a few of them were well under way. The truly surprising thing about this was the fact that these were goals I had thought I wouldn’t have been able to even start working on any time soon.

Here is a copy of a rough draft goal-list:

-Get and stay organized
-Maintain routines such as cleaning for at least 15 min a day
-Find a career I love
-Finish college
-Make 200,000 a year
-Successfully raise my children to be intelligent, kind, honest and moral and happy.
-Spend more ‘quality’ time with my family
-Become financially literate/organized/fit ect…
-Live in my Dream Home – The house on Singbush Lane…
-Create my own personal “library”
-Have a wonderful closet full of great clothes and shoes and accessories
-Continue my education after college…

Some of these I have been diligently working on and have made some headway on such as getting organized and cleaning for 15 minutes a day. The ones that surprised me were ‘finish college’ and ‘create my personal library’. I thought college wouldn’t even be started for another few years. As for the library, I just looked over and was delighted to notice that somewhere along the way I had obtined 3 floor to ceiling shelves full of books that had been returned, given and bought. I started with only one shelf full. (these shelves are massive and take up a whole wall in my room.)

Re-visiting these goals reminded me how very important it is to create and WRITE down your own personal goals. I have read that the subconscious mind will work at them all on it’s own… If you tell yourself it’s a reality RIGHT NOW then the subconscious goes to work manifesting these ‘realities’.

This year is the first year I have really sat down and thought about the direction my life is going in and I’m very glad that I have taken the time to plan it out.

I believe EVERY PERSON should have clear, well thought, goals written down and they should be worked on constantly. Web sites with great information and step by step instructions are abundant on the internet. Here are a few links to some of my favorite and inspiring websites:

1. Zen Habits – this is my number one go-to site for anything goals, personal development and motivation. It’s a content rich site with wonderful insights, ideas, articles and ‘tips’.

2. Steve Pavlina – another content rich site. The post I linked to is one on manifesting. There is a wealth of information found here however, I have found that I like to pick and choose what I take away from it.

3. Synergy Institute – This site has a few good articles regarding goals. You can also peruse thru their article library for other information about manifesting, motivation, setting ect…

4. Vocational Information Center– This site has TONS of links to workbooks, worksheets ect… Most of it is geared towards school and career planning but there is a section about setting goals. The worksheets have been very helpful to me.

5. SMART Goal Planning Worksheet – Worksheet with all the basic, vital goal setting steps. It provides step by step instructions on setting SMART goals and includes examples. One of the most helpful resources for me when I first started goal setting.

I’d love to hear some of the goals you have set for yourself! Hearing other peoples goals is a wonderful inspiration and motivation to me. So, please don’t be shy and share your goals and plans on achievement! I’d also LOVE to hear what motivates you. Is it a particular web site or sites? Is it a picture you cut out of a magazine? Or is it seeing what another person has achieved that pushes you on?