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Back in the Picture

After perusing some of my favorite blogs today I noticed that A Little Sussy is hosting a self portrait contest. It’s very simple, all you do is take a self portrait and if you think it’s good enough then e-mail it to Nicole. Here is a link to the blog post it’s self. As a prize, she is giving away a copy of her soon to be released textbook.

I have decided to join this contest for two reasons. One, I really wouldn’t mind owning a copy of her book, lol! Her photos are amazing, beautiful and always very well put together. I’m amazed by this woman’s talent. I envy it. Maybe if I read her book some of that talent will rub off on me. ; )

Second, I am always the person behind the camera. Never am I actually in the photos… Its a bit weird to glance thru my babies photo albums and there is hardly ever a pic of mommy. According to those albums, I might as well not have existed the past 4 years. Pretty sad huh? It’s not that I hate having photos taken of me… It’s just that I’m the one taking the photos…

So, it’s about time I put myself back into the picture. Also, in the spirit of self portraits, I’ll be posting a few links in a bit on how to take a good self portrait, how to pose properly in photos and how to avoid looking freakishly weird in those wonderful candid shots that our children love to take.