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Back to School

So, I am actually in the midst of achieving my #1 Dream! I am going back to college. I have already finished a year and 1/2 of my college basics but I just wasn’t ready to continue with that commitment at that point in my life. I love and missed school dearly and I now feel ready to go back but I was always terrified that I didn’t have the funds or the time to attend.┬áNow, after a good long convo with my love he made me realize that there wont ever be 90,000 dollars laying around or enough time for anything. So, I figured we’d make do and I applied to the Art Institute of Phoenix. I’m going for my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and I can’t wait to start! It’s a full time year round college and I begin in October. But first I have to meet with the financial advisor. I’m very nervous because going to school and working full time means much less time with my babies but as I previously stated, it’s a life long dream of mine. I also believe that it will be very good for my children to see me working hard for something I want, studying, reading and writing. I remember growing up with my mother taking classes on business and then later real estate. I have always been in awe of her commitment… Now, it’s my turn.

Wish me luck!